Speed Week at Lake Gairdner is Australia's premier land speed event. Australia's fastest cars and motorcycles compete for high speed glory on the worlds most pristine salt flats. Speed Week held by is one of the last places on earth you can go flat out on 12 miles of slat.

Lake Gairdner is remote. Its actually one the most remote locations we've ever travelled. Over 400kms of rocky, sandy, and challenging dirt roads to get to and from the flats. Out there is nothing. No fuel, no water, no anything.

The moment you first get a glimpse of the salt it makes it all worth while.

We travelled nearly 4000kms in 5 days on motorcycles not designed for the terrain. A challenge for sure, but we had an absolute blast.

Our route took us from Melbourne, Victoria along the coast via the Great Ocean Road, through the Ottways, past the 12 Apostles and over the boarder in to South Australia. We continued along the coast to Beach Port (one of our favourite destinations), north to Robe through the Coorong and up to Murray Bridge. We then headed inland burning through Adelaide Hills, via Birdwood and on to Gawler. We then made the long straight haul along the Peninsula to Port Agusta where we stocked up on food, water and Fuel before heading to the last town (no shops or fuel) before the desert, Iron Knob. From Iron Knob its all dirt, a 400km round trip to the Salt Flats. We set up camp at Mt Ives Station for the night, the largest Sheep station in the area. The flats we a mere 50kms from Mt Ives.

We managed to squeeze in the most beautiful beaches, breath taking rain forrests, barren deserts and remote Australian towns. This trip was a big tick off the bucket list for all the crew, although it was short, fast and exhausting we'd do it all over again any time!

Our thanks to Brixton | Neuw Denim | Panhead | Kustom Kommune for their support on this High Speed Adventure.